Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Plastic Birds by Jane Gillings







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Have you ever thought about the amazing things that you create from discraded plastic? Well, I had definitely not conceived of something so delightful as these bird sculptures made from something so mundane as plastic straws and bags. Australian artist Jane Gillings makes these amazing, colorful and intricate birds from discarded plastic. These beautiful birds are a result of a long meticulous process of going through mountains of plastic objects, stacking them into ordered boxes and pianstakingly combining them into colorful shapes. She says "I just can't throw anything away" and "I come from an entire family of hoarders". Sometimes it's good thing. Right?

To know more and for a closer look at her work, watch the video below.


Klay said...


Unknown said...

These birds are so cool! I love all the texture and visual interest. You find the best stuff!!

Elizabeth B of Apex NC said...

Love this video and her use of recycled plastic. I've saved plastic packaging strips for a long time -- finally, a brilliant use: bird feathers!