Thursday, January 5, 2012

DIY: Owl Lamp


Isn't this lamp just adorable? You can make your own from a stuffed toy! Can you believe this? I didn't when I first saw it on Sarah Watts shared the tutorial here with step by step instruction on how to turn a stuffed animal into a fun lamp!


You can use an owl toy for this project or stitch your own. But if you are like me then you'll need a template and I have shared a project in the past which had a free template which I think is perfect of this one.


Carolina. said...

that's amazing. *-*

Anita said...

Hi Gals,
This is my first visit to your blog and my....I didn't know there were so many patterns for owls. I love them too. I'm trying one of your owls from a previous post. Looks like fun. Regards, Anita.

Ryan said...

This is so cute, is there a template to do this with the owl instead of just the fox? I'm not creative enough to make my own pattern

Kelsey said...

Is this owl one you made or an idea for later? I really like the shape of this owl and am wondering where to either find the stuffed owl or the template that was used to make it. Thank you in advance for any info :)