Monday, April 11, 2011

Meredith Gaston

Ruby Night Owl
Crochet Beauty #1
Tabatha Maple Blossom
Charlie Owl
Jasmina With Zebra
Strawberry Icecream for Mr Owl
Toffee Apple Farm
Another Day on Figtree Farm
Romancing Blossom
"Through my paintings I try to capture the tingle of happiness"

Berlin based artist Meredith Gaston's watercolor illustrations are sure to bring smile to both the young  and the young at heart. I adore her use of warm colors and simple forms portraying relationships, animals (like owl, zebra and swan) and day to day activities in a whimsical world.

She celebrates the beauty of everyday with her artwork  "Life can be profoundly enriched by taking joy and inspiration from the mystery and magic of simple pleasures in daily life."

Her paintings are is available for purchase at Canterbury and Art2Muse gallery.


Kristina Pellien said...

Aw, these paintings are so cute! They inspire me to make my own.

shannon*bear said...

These paintings are adorable! I love the colors and the sketchy look.