Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Owls and Raccoons Fall Party

I find Amy's blog very inspiring, and today she featured this yet another fabulous party by Courtney Portner for her children and their friends. The primary theme of this party was "feisty owls and punky raccoons". The orange and brown simple fall colors were mixed with bright celadon and blue which complimented the theme. Owl cape and masks were given to the each child, and the center table was decorated with felt owls and raccoons, and masor jars.

My favorite part of the party has to be all those adorable treats - the fondant owls and raccoons on the cupcakes, the owl shaped cookies, and the "hoot" lollipops.

If I were to host a perfect fall party, it would look exactly like this one.


Caitlin said...

So much inspiration for Elaina's next birthday.

Great flower lady said...

This is amazing.. LOVE!!