Thursday, September 8, 2011

DIY: Make Owl From Recycled Material


diy-owl2 diy-owl3

Amy Eaton is a designer based in Ontario, Canada. She loves patterns, knitting and owls. Out of her love for the bird, she prepared this wonderful tutorial that will guide you through the steps of making your own owl using old and recycled material around the house. I love the organic feel of this handmade owl that can be made in any size.

The following instructions and the tutorial is by Amy.

For my owl I used the following supplies, but be creative! Use what you have!
• 14 gauge metal wire
• newspaper
• hockey tape
• floral wire
• brown and beige fabric
• medium sized rocks
• plastic bags
• pliers
• hot glue gun
• scissors

1. Use the 14 gauge wire to shape wings, feet and a nose for your owl.

2. Cut your fabric into feather shapes for the body and into strips for your wings.

3. Using rocks, plastic bags, newspaper and tape, create an owl  body.

4. Once you have your owl, cover the bottom by hot gluing on a large piece of fabric, then layer feathers from the bottom to top.

5. Continue layering feathers until your owl’s entire body and head are covered. To create definition on the face, use lighter fabric.

6. Cover your wire wings and nose by wrapping them in long strips of fabric. To create the eyes, first create a tape ball. Next tightly twist a yellow plastic bag and use it to form a ring round the tape ball. Continue twisting strips of fabric around the eye until you are satisfied.

7. To complete your owl cover your wire feet in fabric and use black tape to create claws. Cut a hole into the bottom of your owl and use hot glue to secure the feet in place. The final step is to hot glue your owl’s face and wings on.

8. Feel free to make friends for your owl, you wouldn’t want him to get lonely!

Thanks, Amy.