Monday, August 1, 2011

Sophie Woodrow

Sophie Woodrow was born in Bristol who was drawn to working with clay from an early age. She graduated from Falmouth College of Art with a BA in Studio Ceramics and ever since creating delicate porcelain sculptures of otherwordly creatures "inspired by the contact point between the natural world and human culture."

"The Owl, is a piece that evokes an enchanting sensation, the emptiness of the sculpture combine with the white, giving a peculiar look and a sense of frivolity, one can’t stop thinking that in any moment the bird will come alive, It is a curious feeling  being observed by sculpture with no eyes and feeling the intensity of the look. Only textures and shapes remind one of the human touches in it. It is truly an extraordinary collection." - Art in Liverpool


Helen Priem said...

Very very special! Thanks for showing!

poppylover said...

Thanks a lot!!!!!!