Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Owl Measuring Tape


This is cutest owl measuring tape I have ever seen! This hand stitched felt measuring tape is functional, retractable and has a mushroom pull tab. For more adorable things, visit Yoko's Etsy store Feltmates.


Ivy said...

OhEmGee!! What a cute little thing.

Thanks for sharing.

cb said...

oh i need a new measuring tape and this would be perfect!


giulia said...

it is lovable!viene voglia di misurare tutta la casa!ciao,Giulia

iHanna said...

Super cute, and great owly colours too. :-)

Viki said...

thanks so much for posting this link! i clicked on over to visit Yoko at Feltmates and i am now the proud owner of one of these cute little tape measures!