Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mural: City Of Perth

As a part of revitalization of The City Of Perth this 99 metre long stunning mural was painted by Scott Neoh and Hiroyasu Tsuri – also knows as Bonsai and Two-One. The mural features spray-painted native Australian birds and some very impressive owls. The following video shows the artists in action on the first day and the large-scale of the mural.

Images found here and here.


Claire said...


Natalie said...

I live in Perth but don't go to the City (downtown) very often as I am a stay at home mum. Looks like I'm going to have to visit my husband for lunch one day soon and check the this mural out. Love all your owls. Thanks for a fantastic blog.
Perth WA Australia

Alicia Souza said...

Oh goodness, How come I've never seen this blog before! So cute!!
I wish I were there for the San Francisco fair. I may have never left though.

Jo said...

Very cool of you to share our city with the world. Perth has come fab laneways and great site-specific performances and companies - but nothing beats a pair of beady owl eyes following you as you walk past...
Great post!