Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mark Hearld

"Owl Flight"
"The Owl and The Fox"
"Red Lion"
"The Owl and The Moon"

Mark Hearld is one of my all time favorite artists. He was trained in illustration at Glasgow School of Art and studied MA in Natural History Illustration at the Royal College of Art. His work shows influences of British countryside and artists, and his love for animals. He has worked in various medium like paint, print, ceramics and textiles. Following are few of prints that I hand-picked which show true style of Mark's energetic use of bold and vibrant colors. 

I have featured his work previously, here.

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Pumphouse Studios said...

Wow! What a wonderful artist...I have been trying to draw an owl in flight for my ceramics, so I'm particularly impressed by Mark Hearld's owl in flight-- he got such a lovely balance between how they really look and a graceful illustrative quality.