Thursday, June 9, 2011

Owl Themed Wedding in South Africa

If you remember the Owl Lover Calendar 2011 then you would know Kat Cameron. She is a very talented artist who contributed to the calendar and is one of my all time favorite. She recently got married in South Africa and sent me her owl themed wedding pictures which I can't wait  to share with you.

The bride noticed this “owl” sign on the road to her wedding venue and felt it was rather a good omen, since owl motifs were used throughout the stationary and other elements at the wedding.

It's no surprise that Kat designed her own wedding invitations which allowed her to add some of her personal touch to them and include passion for drawing. She drew those two adorable owls on the tandem bicycle, and painted them in beautiful watercolors. 

The owls were on everything - the wine labels, wedding programs, the animation Kat created for the guests and stationery. 

The owl lanterns are my favorite part which were made with wire, paper, glue and some colorful beads. 

I asked Kat if she could share how were they made. She happily agreed to do an DIY for us which I'll post tomorrow . So don't forget to stop by, you won't be sorry!


poppylover said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot for the post!!

Anonymous said...

What an original idea for a wedding theme!


Barn Weddings said...

That's one cute theme. I like the owls on bike, so cuddly. What a nice wedding theme this is. :D love it