Friday, April 29, 2011

Collection: Owls and Flowers

Jessica Singh
"The Love Bird" by Karin Taylor
Vinatge Nesting
Compact Collection
Ernesto JT
I shall leave you for the weekend with these beautiful photos over the internet. I hope you enjoy them. I'll see you on Monday. Have a gorgeous weekend!

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karin taylor said...

Thank you for featuring my art "The Love Bird" could you please link it to the art work via cheers! Karin Taylor creator of "The Love Bird"

Unknown said...

love all these! that last one, i posted last week, so good! owls are so.. majestic hahaha

My Owl Barn said...

@ Karin You are welcome! Done :)

@ Renee I'd give anything to see those beautiful sculptures in person. Even if it means going to Taiwan ;)

Elisa said...

wow, that last photo of the flower owl blew me away. it's amazing. too bad it's in taiwan, I would have liked to see it in person.

Kitchen-Dreams said...

i love owls! i saw my very first owl in the wild today!!!!

~Molly~ said...

How fitting that I find a blog about owls after hearing a great horned owl in our oak tree last night! I love stumbling upon great blogs by way of comments on other blogs.