Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hand Painted Cookies Inspired By Children's Books

Natasha, whose gingerbread houses I have featured before here, crafted these gorgeous hand-painted children's book characters for her kids' school honoring World Book Day. She made three different owls inspired by the following children's books:

1. Owl Babies by Martin Wadell and Patrick Benson
2. ZZZZ A Book of Sleep by Il Sung Na
3. Little Stories for Bedtime, Usborne Books

In the second picture, I had to look twice to spot the cookies. The characters look part of the books. I love the incredible feather detailing of "Owl babies".

{Thanks, Krystal}


BDDesigns said...

So cute! I love owls, watch my blog, there are a lot owls.


children's books said...

good talent .. kids would like it when they see this cookie in their favourite cartoon character. they should be available in the markets as well to buy

childrens parties melbourne said...

Great blog! So cute! that all what I did wish when I was a child and couldn't get them!

todosmisdulces said...

it's a great work.I'd know if you paint the cookies with the wilton coulours (gel) with something like vodka or in an other way. Thanks so much.

todosmisdulces said...

I wanted to know which type of paintings do you use for this work in the cookies. I want to make a prove with the wilton colors in gel. Could it be?
thanks in advance and congratulations for your work

My Owl Barn said...

@todomisdulces You can contact Natasha (the cookie artist) for your questions. She'll be able to help you with your queries regarding the cookies. Isn't her work delightful! Here is the link to her blog

Good luck!