Thursday, January 6, 2011

Claire Platt

Claire Platt is a London based conceptual textile artist who has done her MA in Design from Bath Spa University. Her work is mostly inspired by airplanes and birds. Her work is a unique combination of embroidery and knitting that results in a delight and shows her artistic potential. Some of her handknitted owls are sold at her online store here.


Perlendistel said...

Hello from Germany,
I really love owls, so I love your blog!
Really Thank you for this free calender, it´s so gorgeous!
I find your blog through this owl- botton and because it´s so sweet it´s on my blog in some seconds :)
so some more people can find this awesome blog :)


Perlendistel said...

Do you know this blog?

I think this tiny owls are so sweet!

* Milvi * said...

so cute!!!!

Lindevrouwsweb said...

What a wonderful owls!

reeve said...

LOVE these!!