Thursday, August 19, 2010

Carry Art With You

I love functional art; I always appreciate the idea of owning something beautiful that can also be used on daily basis. This tote is a piece of art that is gorgeous and useful on a shopping trip or as a sturdy traveler.

Elsako is a French textile designer and illustrator who designed this tote for Vitrine, an online boutique. More on the artist's art work: "Like the change of seasons, her drawing is all about transformation. Nature blends and morphs so that animal figures, like owls and foxes become trees; eyes peer out from highly detailed and beautifully rendered patterns of feathers, leaves, flowers, and butterflies. You can stare at it for hours, immersing yourself in this other world that Elsako so intricately created."

Thanks, Blaire.


Piper Larson said...

That is a great bag! And I totally agree with you...I love when a utilitarian object is also a piece of art.
XO Piper

Daughter Earth said...

wow that's really beautiful