Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I'm glad that Johanna left me a comment about her new collectible folk art sculpture - Owlexander Web. This hand-formed papier mache is first of the "Rhyme Time Originals" series exclusive on eBay and comes with a matching rhyme.

" With mesmerizing eyes, glowing in the night,
Owlexander Web the owl is soon to take his flight.
Dressed in festive finery, he's ready to be seen,
By all the trick or treaters on the night of Halloween.
He spreads his wiry wings, and sits atop a ball,
And waits for all his owl friends to hoot their eerie call.
When Halloween arrives, it’s likely you will see,
The wings of Owlexander flying high above each tree! "

This piece was listed on eBay auction and has already been sold! You can visit her blog for updates on her new pieces from the series and a chance to win her art in a fantastic giveaway.