Thursday, March 25, 2010

Vincent & Tamara Richel

I was contacted by Justin Richel whose art work was featured on the blog here. I am grateful to him for sending links of his parents' work, who are both amazing artists. Vincent, his dad, creates sculptures using driftwood. His every piece is unique and is crafted with wood which has been weathered and shaped by nature. Vincent about his work "My sculptures pay homage to the cycle of life, and become a reflection of nature and it’s intrinsic beauty."

Justin's mother, Tamara is a painter and a photographer. Her work is inspired by her surroundings and nature. She comes from family where she had an artistic influence of her mother and sister, and now her work is an inspiration for many of us. She is expanding in the art world and currently working on jewelry making. See more of her work. I couldn't resist saying - A trio of geniuses and owl lovers!


Jodi Kendall said...

those driftwood pieces are incredible!!! I really would like to buy one.

Tamara said...

Wow, thank you so much for your wonderful article about us. It was such a great surprise to see it!!

Owl Eng said...

They are really truly beautiful!!! Marvellous art indeed!!