Monday, December 20, 2010

Oprah In Owl Pajamas!

Did you see Oprah wearing owl pajamas to her camping trip? (If you missed it, you can watch a short video here.) Oprah wore these pajamas by Piggy Pajamas in part II of the Yosemite Adventure and also put it on her list of favorite things in 2010 in December issue of  The Oprah Magazine.

Picture from her camping trip
Oprah loves the owl pajamas set: "These pajamas are so snuggly, you'll never want to get dressed again. I sent a pair to J.K. Rowling on the off chance that she's running low on owl memorabilia."

The set is for $85, but if you use code: OPRAH it will cost you only $68! I wish, I knew about these PJs sooner to put them on my holiday wish-list.