Friday, September 24, 2010

A Book of Various Owls

A Book of Various Owls by John Hollander and illustrated by Tomi Ungerer is a vintage children's poem book.

Here is one:
Prowl Owl (Jack)

You usually hear him across a lake
Like the moan of a distant loon,
But then, in a moment, his shadow will break
The white face of the moon.
Before he's really left the sky
You hear him blow his beak
Under a nearby pine. His cry
Plays games of hide and seek.
Wherever you think his shadow may be
It's hidden behind your back:
Jack lurks about, too dark to see
When the green of the trees is black.

{via here.}


Laura Bear said...

aw that little spider owl looks so sad!

Tati said...

Really beautiful! I like this quick-painting style. :)

Park Street said...