Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Coleman Kids: Packaging

How adorable is this camping kit! I love the packaging in fire colors and all the camping essentials packed in child size.

The concept and the fun illustrations are by Sutasinee C. Seitz. "The idea is to design this promotional piece to encourages family bonding through camping. The pieces are based on campfire activities, and are housed within a over size matchbox. The playful animal characters are created to relate to each camping gears. Owl...lantern, bear..eating s'mores, bird... harmonica and fire fox for fire starters."

{images via here}


cb said...

this is so cute! i have always loved camping because my parents took us at a young age. i would love to buy this for my niece! do you know where you can buy it?


My Owl Barn said...

I am sorry but I couldn't find it available for purchase anywhere online. Try eBay, you might get lucky!

tinajo said...

Oh, that so cute - love it! :-)