Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cognoscenti Coffee

Cognoscenti Coffee is a pop-up coffee bar in Eagle Rock, California owned by Yeekai Lim who designed the entire place and the logo featuring an owl with glasses. How cool! I have never been there myself but it seems like a wonderful coffee shop with warm ambiance and great coffee! Have you ever heard or had the opportunity to go to this cafe? How was your experience?

Cognocenti Coffee
5110 Townsend Ave
Eagle Rock, CA

{images via here}


Anonymous said...

How cute the cups are. I live nearby Eagle Rock too. I should pay them a visit. That frothy drink looks mighty tasty.


Unknown said...

OHHH this is soooo cute!! I love the owl Logo =D

Mandy Ford Art & Illustration said...

Coffee AND owls?! I can't think of a more perfect combo. :)

Elisa said...

you find the cutest things. and I love coffee

heather said...

Love this pop-up coffee! :) Will try to make a stop there when I'm back in good ole Cali.

Anonymous said...

it's greaaaaaaaaaat!!

gina n. said...

Thank you for sharing. I live close to Eagle Rock and will definitely make a visit to the coffee shop!

Jennifer Young said...

i must go here!!!
thanks for sharing

R.E. ~ said...

I LOVE your beautiful post! I've been there! Superb coffee, prepared with so much care.
Yeekai Lim is very passionate about coffee, so very kind and friendly.
He loves talking about coffee and always answers all of our questions.

I'm not sure if you noticed, but the owl's sunglasses are in the shape of two coffee cups.

I'm going to let him know about your very nice post.

R.E. ~

My Owl Barn said...

@ Rios I did not notice his coffee cup eyeglasses. Thanks for letting me know :)