Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm loved

Lately, I have been noticing many beautiful homes with owls (no, not real owls) in them, let it be an owl figurine, a piece of jewelry or owl wall art that was used or got captured in an arangement.

I have put together this post with some (my favorite) such photos to show that many of us love owls and have made them a part of our lives. I hope you like it!


Sandy said...

love this collection! my fave one is the last picture with the family of pink owls, TOO CUTE!!

btw, i just found some owl jewelry on oh hello friend's etsy shop that you might like. =)

have a great weekend!

Meg said...

I love these photos!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Nicole Underwood Gonzalez said...

well, duuuh! Owls rock!!
hee hee :P

Ann Marie said...

what pretty houses! love the owls too.

Radostina // said...

So beautiful collection :)))
Cute really.
Thanks for the inspiration and have a great weekend.


Laura Trevey said...

These are fabulous collections!
So fun ~~

Have a great weekend!
xoxo Laura

ellinelle said...

..hello ..
I really love your cute post about owls , I have always loved them , they seem so clever and misterious birds ..Owls look so addorable as a cute house assesorize ..
thanks for stopping at my blog : )))

Jessie said...

So cute! I have started to collect a few Owl things myself!!

Unknown said...

Gr8 photos ... i have same necklace of owl but in silver frm forever21 ... ur blog rocks..
Meenaxi :)

Manon said...

I love this collection of photo's and your blog is lovely. I'm a follower now!

Jutta said...

I wanted to say BEautiful... :)

Jutta said...

autiful owls and beautiful homes!

Vanny said...

everything in this post is sooo darling!!! <3