Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Owl Fairy Lights+Pancakes

Happy Tuesday! For last few days I have been craving pancakes, which is no biggy, but it becomes a novelty if you are in India. I usually don't miss things which I eat everyday (almost) when I am in the U.S., but when I started seeing pancakes in my dreams, I knew I had to do something about it. Pancake mix and the waffle maker are not readily available in the stores here. You have to look real hard to find one. After asking a friend of a friend of a friend and hopping from one shop to another, I found this Betty Crocker's pancake mix. This morning, I popped open the box and made a few pancakes with some walnuts and almonds and enjoyed them with honey. I used tava to make pancakes and honestly they came out really well. I am so happy and ready for a hard-working day! Have you craved for something so bad lately?
For now, I leave you with this adorable owl fairy lights string and I'll be back with some more fun posts.
These lights are available here for purchase.


Pinecone Camp said...

Those are so fabulous! I'm happy you found a pancake mix. Pancakes are so yum! Maybe next time you can make them in the shape of an owl!

Unknown said...

nice u got pancake b/w i like tht chay cup ..lol cute one .
Meenaxi :)