Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Stationery by Sukie

Perpetual Calendar for $9.95

Mix and Match Stationery Set for $8.95. This includes 16 stationery sheets and 16 envelopes.

Sticky Notes for $8.95

Box of Labels for $15.95

Animals on Parade Notecard Set for $12.95

Gift Bags for $9.95

Notebook for £5.85

Sukie (team of Darrell and Julia) are one of my favorite graphic designers. They find their inspiration mostly in nature, traveling and old books.

"I [Darrell] am always collecting things and buying the odd old book. When I get a chance I sit down in the studio with a pencil and paper and look through all my latest acquisitions and my resent ideas folders. From these I make lots of tiny sketch ideas, Julia and I then go through them to see which will be turned into new products."

Do you know why are they called 'Sukie'?
Sukie was Julia's cat when she was a little girl.
That's cute. Isn't it?

Available at their website and Chronicle Books.


Chocolate and Steel said...

I LOVE Sukie! I bought those sticky notes a couple years ago and still have them. I think they are so cute that I never want to use them because I never want to run out:)

I'm digging your blog (I have a thing for owls myself)