Monday, August 24, 2009

Charley Harper's notecards and Calendar


Two Owls in a snowstorm

Barn owl family in a heart, ready to be your Vowlentine

Charley Harper's work primarily depicted lives of birds and animals. The notecards shown above serve as an excellent example of his unique style and use of bold colors. You can buy these genius specimens of art for $2 each at Below is a beautiful calendar which has Vowlentine for one of the months. I didn't know why Charley called his painting Vowlentine so I did a little searching. Many of his works incorporated visual puns. And many works on paper were accompanied by word puns, too. Often the puns were commentary on the peculiar habits of a species or the struggles in nature. But they often had a socially conscious message (e.g., Scary Scenario). Others were just fun repartee about the natural subject at hand be it fish, or owl.

The title Vowltenine corresponds to one of Charley's serigraphs.
Put a fancy lace border around these barn owls and you could send them to your sweetie on February 14. "Be mine!" you could say, "I love you with all my hearts!" Or when you're ready to pop the question: "Let's owlope." And on your anniversary: "You're still as owlluring as ever." For Flag Day: "I pledge owlleqiance. " Then there's Cowlumbus Day and Owlection Day. And Christmas! "Owlleluia." Oops,almost forgot Howlloween. Maybe we'd better start Iisting them owlphabetically.

Calendar is available at for $7.99.