Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Paper Goods and more

Famille Summerbelle is well known for their paper cut out maps, but, I am not going to talk about that today (although, I'm tempted). Instead, I am going to share some other treasures from their collection which will surely leave you awed.

1. The owl paper banner (Owls alongside Mushrooms) is inspired by South American garlands and is made out of tissue paper.
2. Owl Wallpaper is hand screen printed and is available in 2 colors.
3. Kissing Birds Cushions is available in 3 pretty colors.

Behind the Scenes:
"Famille Summerbelle is Julie (designer and creative director) and Simon (all the other stuff) and we are the proud parents of Ophelia."

What does the name mean?
"The name Summerbelle is an amalgam of our two family names and the French ‘Famille’ is just a simple but meaningful nod to Julie’s nationality!"

Visit their website and blog for more products.


Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

LOVE those pillows.

thedoodlegirl said...

I'm a TOTAL owl lover! I am SO glad to know that your blog exists! I am bookmarking it now!

Design Candy said...

How adorable...I love the paper banners. What a fun blog you have!

_ffyona said...

I have to tell you, i am totally amazed at the numbers of things you can find with the owl element on. Amazing!

the1015lab said...

how cute!
Also an owl fan! :/
I bought an owl pattern bag from Brooklyn Industries, which I plan to show in one of my next posts!

Lisa McGee said...

This is a great blog - so glad to discover you (after you discovered me!!) Those paper banners - I beleive are a traditional Mexican craft called Papel Picados - I sourced them for a friend once for her wedding - the couple had their names cut into them - these are absolutely charming - will keep an eye out for owl things here in Ireland - I'm following you now - do be sure to follow me!! Keep up the beautiful work on your blog - by they way - who hosts this blog? is it blogspot? I love your design.

Lisa McGee said...

You are up on my blog today...tried emailing you directly but would not accept code (even though typed in correctly) Just wanted to let you know. Lisa McGee aka NenaghGal

CARINA said...

ohhhh... i like the wallpaper!

My Owl Barn said...

Thank you all.

@NenaghGal I did a quick search of papel pecado on Google and found some amazing things. Thanks for featuring my blog on yours :)