Friday, September 18, 2009

Vacation Pictures: San Francisco

My husband and I went to San Francisco for a few days for both business and pleasure. We always look forward to our trips to San Francisco. The weather is nice and cool compared to Tucson, where we live. We walked in the downtown in rain. It was so much fun after a long day at a business exhibition. I took these pictures of owl pouches, handbags, phone accessories and key chains at Jewelry & Pearls shop, which was on our way to our favorite restaurant, Kennedy's Curry. It's an Irish pub plus Indian restaurant, hence the name. Have you ever been there or know about this place? What do you think of it?

These pictures were taken in a shop called Lola of north beach which is situated in Ghirardelli Square (where we got some FREE chocolates!!). Amy & Ivan Nanola, the owners, have some unique collection of cards, candles, stationery, baby stuff and a lot more. I am glad I stopped by and found - cute owl soap dish, Wise owl match box, owl hair clip (handmade) and greeting card.

These owl figurines were displayed in the window of the Kanchina American Indian Gallery and an antique store (forgot to note the name of the store). If you live in San Francisco then do point me in the direction where I can find more owls. The next time I am in SF (which will be soon) I'll walk with my eyes wide open and my camera at the ready.


Manshu said...

Nice to see you had such a great time in SF. I am amazed that you found so many owl pics there. You must have a nose for owls ;)