Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nike "Twin Peaks"

"DUNK is inspired by American series Twin Peaks, created by David Lynch and Mark Frost in the 90s, you just mark an entire generation and today is considered cult, with a history of police investigation that stemmed from the premise of "who killed the young Laura Palmer." Who lived in the 90s - an era pre popularization of the TV and cable when the downloads were far from in seriate exist - should remember that the series passed on Sunday night, just after the Great and not missing claims the way the Globe about the episodes. Surrounded by mysteries and spinning, it is not here explain the role of two owls in the series - yes, they are there and have an important role, marked by the phrase "the night owls are not what they seem" - it does not spoil the surprise of those who have the curiosity researching it, but is worth saying that the design of the sock remember the floor of the red room (red room, in detail in the photo), another outstanding event of Twin Peaks."

I read a few episodes of Twin Peaks on Wikipedia and it sounds like an interesting mystery drama television show. I am a big sucker for drama (watched all X files seasons back to back) I think I'll rent it.

These shoes seem to be a big hit among sneaker and owl lovers. I couldn't find them on Nike website. Most of the online shoe store show 'out of stock'. Seem to be available to purchase at for $59.


Jonathan Aquino said...

I would imagine these shoes are made for walking in the woods, so that includes extra protection against...moss?