Thursday, January 21, 2021

Wallpapers, Bedding and Home Decor Designed by Fleur Harris

Fleur Harris is an artist and an illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia. She is a self-proclaimed 'creator of whimsical things'. In her artwork Fleur creates a world where imagination knows no boundaries, where anything is possible. Her work feature whimsical menagerie of woodland creatures such as - deer, foxes, racoons, squirrels, rabbits and owls peering through a lush foliage. She spends a lot of time selecting color palette for her artwork, making sure it pleases kids as well as adults.

Her work is not restricted to just one kind of product category, she has designed an array of children's range with well-known brands. She has worked in collaboration with Adairs and Jimmy Cricket to design wallpaper, dinnerware, bedroom decor, furniture and bedding for kids. For new products and to know what she is currently working on, follow her on Instagram.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Award Winning Horticulturalists Make Life-Size Chicken Wire Sculptures

Paul and Caroline Wright are award winning horticulturalists who have over 30 years of combined teaching experience. They taught in a university in the field of Horticulture, Arboriculture, Garden design and construction. Before they moved to France permanently they spent all their annual leave doing renovation projects and developing the house and garden at La Guinandie.

Besides working with the soil and growing plants, they enjoy making sculptures to decorate gardens. They regularly conduct variety of courses including chicken wire sculpture class where the participants learn to construct basic to more complex sculptures with a metal wire. I absolutely love their owls! Their sculptures are life-size and look real that will make the passersby pause and admire them along with your garden. The details related to their future events and classes can be found on their website - Le Jardin Creatif.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Geometric Shapes and Nature Inspired Art by Erik Abel

Erik Abel grew up in Ventura County spending lots of time exploring around the Channel Islands with his father and uncles and hanging out at the beach. He has always be interested in drawing, "when I was one and a half years old, I created my first masterpiece; a chalk drawing of a balloon, complete with string, on my little wooden table."  

He was only 11 years of age when he first discovered surfing, his love for water can been seen in his work. After graduating he moved to Portland, Oregon, moving to this place had a great impact on his art. "The pure and natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest inspired me to focus on a more natural subject matter, free from anything manmade."

It wasn't until 2005, when he moved to LA for a job, he started to create art after work as a therapy to combat stress from busy work schedule. One day after reading a quote on his laptop, he quit his job and began to travel. He was paintings while travelling and his work reflected the surroundings of the current location - beaches and waves when he was New Zealand, and abstract paintings and tribal faces while he was in Santa Monica.

He is presently working from his studio in Southern Oregon creating artwork inspired by geometric shapes and bold colors. His work has been featured in numerous galleries across the country and internationally. He has worked in collaboration with brands such as Patagonia, Reef, REI and Billabong. Erik has shown his work in solo as well as group exhibitions.

You can find art prints and canvas prints in his online store Abel Arts.

Monday, January 18, 2021

Artist Makes Incredible Art From A Plain Sheet of Paper

Gaby Studer Plüer is a papercut artist based in Switzerland. She was born in 1968 near Z├╝rich. She always enjoyed the process of creating with her hands, her creative exploration started with learning a creative trade. She studied paper art with Bruno Weber and various artists.

Her journey as a papercut artist started in 2013. After her first time working with paper she was hooked, she knew she could never do anything else. She makes stunning papercut artwork with incredible detail and intricate patterns. One would be amazed to view her work up close, there are hundreds if not thousands of tiny cuts on paper collectively forming a breath-taking image. She is intrigued by the flexibility and the simplicity of the material which allow for endless possibilities. She has shown her work in galleries and exhibitions both nationally and internationally. She is a member of the Swiss Association of paper cutting.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Self-Taught Textile Artist Paige Roberts of Fauna Lune

Paige Roberts is a textile artist who specializes in soft sculptures and music boxes. She is a self-taught artist based in Kingsland, GA who creates whimsical art dolls. She loves animals and one can see that in her work which primarily has animals as a main subject matter, she focuses on "bringing whimsical fauna to life".

It all started when Paige's daughter was born, she took it upon herself to make things for her nursery. Till this point she was only drawing but now she started to turn those drawings into soft sculptures. Her work is inspired by fairy tales, folklore, and period pieces. Her sculptures are constructed using vintage textile, linen lace and cotton gauze. She adds details by hand embroidering and watercolors. You can follow her for new work on Instagram and for the available pieces check her online store - Fauna Lune.