Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Mother-daughter Team Creates Amazing Faux Taxidermy

Birchwood Fine Art is a creative studio founded by a mother-daughter team Debbie and Amber Johnson based in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario. They have worked together on number of projects together and participated in several shows across Ontario. They make these one-of-a-kind three dimensional faux taxidermy with plaster, wood, paper mache, paper clay and fabric. They have exhibited in various galleries and shops in the last 30 years. They collaborate on making pieces by nature and created in their home studio. You can see more of their work on Watson & Lou.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Mixed Media Artist: Tina Jensen


Tina Jensen is a mixed media artist based in Denmark. She creates collages and textile art with found objects from her visits to flea markets. She uses vintage lace, rusty bits and pieces, vintage photo albums, and other objects with a history to create her work. The worn fabric and faded paper adds delightful character and texture to her pieces. She creates one-of-a-kind journals, bookmarks, ornaments, fabric art, tea bag art and envelopes carefully placing each little component and hand-painting to add detail.

She conducts workshops to share the tips and techniques on how to make fabric art. You can find information on her upcoming workshop on her website. Currently she is working with wooden block, plaster, ephemera, and wax, you can find them in her online store.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Diego Cusano Turns Everyday Objects into Clever Illustrations

Diego Cusano is an Italian illustrator and an artist who is also a self-proclaimed Fantasy Researcher.

"I’m more of a ‘fantasy researcher’: every day I get up and look for an object and think of how to represent it in my own way, outside of reality and its constraints. Everything is a question mark, I don’t want to be living a routine.”

After he gained a Master’s degree in Visual Arts and Graphic Design, the artist traveled in Europe seeking new creative stirrings and developing artistic identity along the process. It was in 2013, Diego started creating these amazingly clever collages combining pencil drawings and everyday objects. His work gives an unusual twist to things that we are used to seeing as casual - half fried egg becomes eyes for an owl, orange slices take form of sting fish, roses turn into hot air balloons etc.

He has worked in partnership with Warner Bros., Adidas, Diesel, Dior, Cartier, Haribo, Gruppo and Mondadori to name a few. His account on Instagram which is a great source of inspiration currently has over 177,000 followers.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Felted Sculptures Perched on Vintage Sewing Machines and Letter Blocks

UK based artist Dinny Pocock needle felts creatures with lot of personalities and a bit of humor. The one-of-a-kind creatures are perched on vintage sewing machines, colorful spools, old books, typesetting letter blocks, kitchen graters etc.

"I’m always on the lookout for ‘small joys’ – that’s where ideas hide. Seeing a blackbird intently pecking at the ground recalls the motion of an old sewing machine and sets my mind to thinking, how could these two images be combined to create a narrative?"

Dinny gained a degree in Ceramics at Camberwell School of Art, London in the 80’s. She developed a technique of making thin layers of porcelain over wire frames which later on she used into creating needle-felting. She recently exhibited her work at Cheltenham Open Studio, you can find updates on her upcoming shows on facebook.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Sculptors Inspired by Spiritual Connection Between Human and Animal Spirit Worlds

Hib Sabin was born in Baltimore in 1935 presently lives in New Mexico. After he earned BFA in Studio Art and Art History at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, he taught art history at a number of institutions until 1970.

Sabin is a student of shamanism which largely influences his work. His work explores the spiritual connection between the human and animal spirit worlds often featuring owls, wolves, ravens, bears, coyotes and eagles into his pieces. He uses juniper wood to carve animal spirit bowls, spirit canoes, sculptors, and shamanistic masks.

“I am very interested in mythology and spirit. When I say “spirit,” I mean the spirit of nature. I’m basically looking, from either an aesthetic point of view or a ritual point of view, for these objects to reach into the heart of nature. What I try to do is imbue these critters, these power animals, these animal spirits, which are like an alter ego, with this spiritual energy.”

He has done many solo exhibitions all over the country. His work has been featured in Southwest Art magazine and has been displayed by the Port of Seattle at Seattle–Tacoma International Airport. He is currently represented by galleries in Connecticut, Colorado, Vermont, New Mexico, New York, Washington State, Arizona and Mockingbird Gallery in Bend, Oregon.