Monday, March 19, 2018

Angela Rizza's Intricate Illustrations


New York based freelance illustrator Angela Rizza graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. Later on she started creating wonderful artwork influenced by wildlife and story books she grew up reading. "I was read to constantly at night as a kid, and even though I could not understand the words or read, i loved the pictures and wanted to know how to make them. "

She hand-draws illustrations with intricate patterns and applies color with the help of a digital program that are perfect for stationery, homeware and textile goods. She has been exhibited her work in several shows and her work has been featured in magazines and websites including ImagineFX, Creative Quaterly Issue 27, Level Magazine,, IllustrationAge, Behance, Middle-Earth News, Cuded, Illustration Served, and Creative Boom UK.

You can find more of her work I blogged previously here.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Whobert Whover, Owl Detective: Hilarious Picture Book


Whobert Whover, Owl Detective is a children's book by Jason Gallaher and illustrated by Jess Pauwels. Whobert is an owl detective who patrols the forest. One day he finds Perry the possum lying on the ground, no one knows what happened. Whobert takes it upon himself to find the culprit who did this to the possum. "Poor Perry!" Whobert said. "I will find out who, who done it."

It's a hilarious story that's full of repetitions and misunderstandings that work as a catalyst for giggles among the young audience. The illustrations are to match, the owl and the woodland characters are playful and have priceless expressions. It is a fun bedtime story that will send the kids to sleep laughing. You can find the book here.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Geometric Animal Quilt Patterns by Violet Craft



These amazing animal paper piecing patterns are by Violet Craft. Yes, that's actually her real name. How apt, right? She uses photographs and imaging software to create these detailed and intricate patterns. Her shop has patterns to create a generous sized quilt to 20 inches squares that can be used to make pillowcases, tote bags etc.

She has launched her children's apparel line Kung Fu Bambini and designed fabric collection for Michael Miller Fabrics. She is also a licensed designer with Robert Kaufman. She teaches sewing and design workshops, for the upcoming classes you can watch this page. She will be participating at Quilter's Affair at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show from July 10 through July 13. For more details on the show, free download templates and tutorials go to her blog.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Surreal Needle Felted Animal Sculptures That Will Make You Do A Double Take


Tsugumi Kobo is a self-taught fiber artist who needle felts surreal sculptures of wild animals and birds. The craftmanship of his sculptures is jaw-droppingly amazing that will make you do a double take. The Short-Eared Owl from the snow garden series looks like an actually bird. The first time I saw that picture (on the top), I thought it was a real owl. The colors, the texture and those feathers in the piece is beyond I have ever seen. You can view more of his felted animals on Facebook and Instagram.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Miniature Origami 365 Day Project by Ross Symons

Ross Symons an origami artist and Instagrammer based in Cape Town, South Africa started 365 day origami Instagram project in 2014. For the series he challenged himself to create one miniature origami piece every day like owl perched on a leaf. You can find the dimensions on the bottom left corner on each image. His intricate origami figures gained him a huge fan base, today his Instagram White on Rice followers increased to 100,000 in less than two years. 

The success allowed him to qit his job and focus on the traditional Japanese paper folding art. He now works full time on White on Rice creating social media content for brands and private clients. He also does origami commissions, origami installations and stop motion animations, which are all conceptualised, directed, photographed and edited in-house. To see what he comes up with next, join him on Instagram.