Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Hand-Colored Tissue Paper Cut and Assembled Into Illustrations

Freelance illustrator and surface pattern artist Tracey English lives South West London with her husband, two sons, a cat and a dog. She loves to create collages with hand-colored tissue paper. She likes to make her own paper by painting on tissue paper to achieve the colors and textures that she wants. She would hand cut shapes and carefully assembles one tiny piece at a time to create a delightful collage illustration.

Her designs can be found on greeting cards, paper goods, and children’s books. Tracey has licensed and created commissioned work for Quarto, Bloomsbury, Deva Designs, Design House Greeting, and Pigment Productions. For cards and tea towels you can visit her online store.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Children's Picture Book: Owl Love You Illustrated by Wednesday Kirwan

Owl Love You is a children's picture book written by Matthew Heroux and illustrated by Wednesday Kirwan an illustrator from CA. It's a sweet story of a baby owl who asks its mother questions as they go about exploring the forest after the Sun has gone down. Every page starts with a question such as "Hoo'll hang with me when my friends aren't around?" and replied sweetly with an answer like "Owl hang with you when things feel upside down." It's a perfect bedtime read for kids who will love the rhymes and the delightful illustrations in dark color palette. 

You can read reviews and purchase it for the little one in your life from here.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Shelley Aldrich's Vibrant Watercolor Paintings

Shelley Aldrich lives on a small green hill in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA with her husband and their two girls. She earned a degree in business from the University of Southern California and after that worked in a corporate world for 20 years. When she got tired of crunching numbers, she decided to turn her attention to her creative skills. Currently, she is interested in illustrating stories. She paints a wide array of subject matters from famous people to objects, to mushrooms, to birds and owls. Her artwork is a lovely combination of bright illustrations painted in watercolors and story telling.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Taksa Sobaka Sculpts The Most Well Dressed Dolls

I stumbled across an Instagram account Taksa Sobaka that showcases the amazing dolls by the artist Tanya Gromova. She makes detailed animal dolls who are dressed in best clothes and going about their mundane activities. She uses variety of fabrics with fun patterns to construct the dolls, and are accessorized with scarves, bags, shoes and tiny pieces of jewelry. The way she poses them to photograph makes you forget that they are dolls and not real people! If you have any question regarding her unique dolls, you can contact her through her Instagram page.