Monday, September 28, 2020

Ceramic Wall Art Pieces by Marina Bauguil Will Create Calm Around You

Ceramic artist Marina Bauguil was raised in France, Africa and England, and currently living in Manchester. She creates amazing figurative ceramic creatures and animal heads inspired by her relationship with Nature. 

"It is her belief that human beings need a strong relationship with the natural world in order to live a balanced life. It is her understanding that we were once deeply connected, through our hearts, to forests, rivers, mountains, plants and animals and that through our modern way of life we are loosing this deep connection."

Her animals are generally depicted with their eyes shut who seem to be in deep meditative state. They are decorated with moon, sun, stars, flowers, snow flakes, or berries. The creatures are painted in peaceful colors - whites, greens, and blues - radiating calmness. The artist carves the facial features and hand-paints intricate details. They look almost real as if they will come alive at any moment. 

These animal heads can be used to decorate the walls of your house. You can find Marina's available pieces on her online store or you can follow her work on Instagram. If you are interested in buying any of her work, send her a direct message through her Instagram.

Friday, September 25, 2020

Hand-Crafted Music Boxes Decorated With Miniature Woodland Creatures

Ivania of Autumn Forest is an artist based in Porto, Portugal. She creates beautiful music boxes inspired by nature and the woodland creatures. Each box is handcrafted and is unique. All the elements inside the box such as miniature owls, hedgehogs, pumpkins, snow, mice and field of poppies, are sculpted by hand by the artist. The artist is a nature enthusiast, loves to decorate the inside of the boxes with the natural materials collected from the woods.

These whimsical boxes are second best thing to an actual walk into the woods. Anytime you feel like taking a walk to the woods simply open the box and let your senses soak in the magic. These boxes are fitted with glow emitting blinking fireflies and play music of your choice. It's a great gift for a nature lover and an animal lover. You can find these pieces in her online store and see a brief video of it in action here.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Ceramic Animal Heads by Sumati and Michael Colpitts

Sumati and Michael Colpitts are the two talented artists behind the award winning line of ceramics - Artful Ceramics. They first worked in clay in India in 1989 and have been living and working together in Sedona since then in 1997. 

Sumati studied a wide range of media at the Chicago Art Institute and the Kansas City Art Institute, but what she has been the most passionate about is the use of textures and color. The series of masks is inspired by their fascination for the wild animals from the continents they traveled to especially to Africa and Southeast Asia. When Michale was living in Ibiza, Spain he started to use clay as fabric and construct with it.

They meticulously hand-make sculptures of all kinds of creatures including animal from woodland to oceans. The artists never use any kind of molds, each piece is made using slab-and-pinch techniques. Once the piece is fired, the final touches are applied such as adding glass eyes and wire whiskers that brings the piece to life.

Every piece is unique and one-of-a-kind that's suitable to be displayed indoors as well as outdoor. Their objective is to create an animals with unique personalities and expression that makes you feel good when you look at them. You can find their handmade creations including sculptures, animal masks and heads in their online store

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

14Karat Gold Elegant Everyday Ceramics by Hope and Mary

Hope is a ceramist who grew up in Hockessin, DE a tiny suburb in the country and currently lives in Chattanooga. She studied Anthropology and earned a certification in teaching Art Education at the University of Colorado. It was during this time she fell in love with ceramics and paintings which provided her with a way to explore beauty in simplicity and function.

She makes vases, butter dishes, bowls, plates and more. Each piece is handmade by Hope using a Korean technique called 'mishima'. It's technique where each intricate design is hand drawn onto the surface of the clay with a hard, sharp tool and covered with contrasting color. Once the slip is completely dry, the excess is wiped away revealing the finished image. 

You can find the stockists of her work here and the pieces available for purchase on her website Hope and Mary.