Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Heidi Moreno's Inspiring Story And Her Wonderful Paintings

Heidi Moreno is an illustrator from Monrovia, California. She has an inspiring story behind her brand Heidiroo.

After graduating with a BA degree in English, Heidi worked a part-time retail job. While she was still exploring what she wanted to do next, she was making greeting cards for friends and family. Before she knew it, she was the owner of an online store at Etsy selling greeting cards and custom portraits. But due to her job she was not able to give time to drawing which had a catastrophic impact on her health.

She was soon diagnosed with anxiety and panic attacks, and seeked help from a therapist with whom she shared how much she missed drawing. She brought art back into her life which helped her through the tough times. She carved out a time every night after work to make art and shared it on social media. The support she received online helped her revive and heal.

She decided to make living through art and today she is creating artwork to share with over 22K followers on Instagram. Currently, she is working on a book that's will be published in 2021. 

I hope Heidi's story inspires you too to pursue what you love, everything else will follow. She creates delightful characters with gouache paint, watercolors and ink. For art prints, pins, patches, stickers and zines visit her online store - Heidiroo.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Georgie Seccull Creates Large-Scale Sculptures From Salvaged Steel

Georgie Seccull is an award winning artist based in Sydney, Australia. She first started making installations for bookstores and gallery exhibitions. Her first huge piece of a mechanical girl was for Penthouse Mouse which kick started her career as a sculptor. Mostly self-taught, Georgie creates large-scale installations from new and salvaged materials. 

Her steel sculptures is an exploration of search of meaning in midst of unending cycle of creation and destruction. The animal sculptures are inspired by the cycle of birth, death and rebirth in both natural and unnatural world.

“We are born out of chaos in darkness and come into the light– my process is much the same: I begin with a thousand pieces scattered on the ground, then working almost like a jigsaw puzzle, I pick them up one by one and allow each piece to come together organically and dictate the outcome.”

The artist sculpts these massive sculptures by hand, cutting and bending several layers of hard pieces of metal into feathers and furs. The fluidity is her pieces cannot be missed, the artist looks at references to incorporate muscular structure moves to match with the movement she has in mind.

You can visit her website to view more of her creations and join her on Instagram for updates on new work.

Monday, August 3, 2020

Unique and Whimsical Ceramic Pieces by Pitch Pine Pottery

It was a pleasure to find the beautiful ceramics by Pitch Pine Pottery. Pitch Pine Pottery is a sweet little brand founded in 2015 by a husband and wife artist duo Tara and Matthew Brault. They had first met in high school and in college they both pursued careers in functional arts. Matthew is a self-taught photographer, taught himself blacksmithing for several years and later completed four year apprenticeship under a master blacksmith. Tara earned a degree in BA specializing in Ceramic Arts and apprenticed under a master potter. 

Their combined skill set brought to use when they moved from Massachusetts to Santa Fe, New Mexico where they dedicated themselves to create unique pieces of functional pottery. Their whimsical work is mainly inspired by nature often depict wildlife in earthy color palette. Every piece is hand-thrown, carved, glazed and fired in their home studio.

Visit their Instagram for latest updates and announcements about the availability of their pieces.

Friday, July 31, 2020

Surreal Paintings Inspired by Wildlife by Artist Vanessa Foley

UK based contemporary artist Vanessa Foley paints birds with mind-boggling details. I blogged her about her work on the blog previously here. Her work is done primarily in rich color palette, despite the dark colors the delicate brush strokes bring delicacy to her stunning birds. She has painted all sorts of birds for her ongoing series including owls, herons, hornbills, vultures, and many more.

Her paintings are regularly shown at galleries all around in the UK and USA, and her work is in private collections worldwide. She is presently a member of The VACVVM, an international cult of illustrators co-founded by Aaron Horkey & Mitch Putnam.

She releases her affordable originals online twice a year. Since these pieces get sold quickly you can subscribe to the mailing list for an exclusive notification for these events. Visit this page for details on how to be on the list.